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Cheers to 10 Years!

Its been a delicious decade! We're proud to have been able to bring you TTRW through many ups and downs, highs and lows. And here we are, 10 years later, still standing, and standing PROUD!.

Like the rest of the world we didn't know what a pandemic would mean for the future of our beloved event, but we believed that we could make it work, and with a few tweaks to the format, we did just that! And now, in a new post pandemic world, we're even better, even stronger and this year promises to be even BIGGER! With a huge focus on in-restaurant dining (after all, it is Trinidad & Tobago RESTAURANT Week!, we're striking a great balance and keeping the options of curb-side pick up and delivery - dependent on each individual restaurant of course! We're planning a whole celebration of giveaways and fun, and we're so glad to have you join us yet again for another scrumptious year of amazing food, great company and budget friendly memories!!! Cheers!!!


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