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#TTRW2017 is going to be BIGGER THAN EVER!


• Firstly we will have more restaurants than EVER on board! We estimate that we will have 70 participating restaurants in Trinidad this year! Holy smokes batman!!! We suggest you start putting aside your #TTRW foodie fund from now because you're going to want to try ALL of them!!!

• WE'RE LAUNCHING AN APP!! That's right! For the first time ever we'll be introducing our very own #TTRW app! We've been working on it for a couple of months now and CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!! Look out for official launch announcement on our Facebook and Instagram pages!!

• TTRW Tobago will be more exciting than ever! We've got a ton of new places for you to try and TTRW Tobago is timed perfectly to coincide with summer vacation so you can get your tan on then get your food on!

• For the first time ever we've shared the amazing story behind the conception of Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week! Check out the link on our Facebook page!

We're SO EXCITED to have you join us again this year - the support for #TTRW is overwhelming and we are humbled by your enthusiasm!!!!! We CANNOT WAIT for the fun to begin!! Remember to share your pics and experiences with us on our Facebook page!!!!

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